We know it’s a time of confusion and uncertainty. We want to make sure you understand that the health of our clients and their pets is or top priority! Therefore, we here at Rainbow Valley Veterinary Clinic plan to remain open for business to take care of your pet’s health!

Based on what we know at this time, there is little to no risk that our pets can become infected with COVID-19, and limited evidence that our animals can serve as a carrier to people. However, we are taking precautions to protect our clients and our staff from possible infection.
– We continue to be diligent in cleaning and sanitizing between each patient, but are also focusing on “public” spaces such as door knobs, pens, and toilet handles more often throughout the day.
– We are spreading out appointments (leaving buffer zones) and staggering pick-up times for grooming to limit the number of people in the lobby.
– As always, we are striving to get you and your pet into an exam room as soon as possible, again to limit time in the lobby and public spaces. If you feel uncomfortable with spending any time in our lobby, please call from your car when you arrive and we will let you know when your pet’s exam room is ready.
– Please limit the number of people coming in with a pet – ideally one person per pet when possible. We know there will be exceptions based on individual situations.
– We are happy to bring prescription refills, food, products, etc., out to your car for “curb-side pick-up” – just let us know when you arrive. We also encourage paying by phone to prevent handling money/cards/etc. in person.
– For our staff, we are adopting a two-team approach. One team will remain together for scheduled shifts and there will not be any overlap of staff members. This does however mean that we will only have “one doctor” days for the next several weeks, and will have to schedule appointments accordingly. Please bear with us as we face this unprecedented time.
If you have any concerns, worries, suggestions, or other comments, please reach out to us! We are all trying to do our best in the face of the current struggles, and will continue to provide the best medical care possible to your pets!

The Doctors and Staff of Rainbow Valley Veterinary Clinic